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What is The Robloxian Christians?

An online community focused on sharing the love and word of God with young people.

We are a youth-led online church that has served on the Roblox gaming platform since 2011. We are a multi-denominational ministry that defies geographical and demographic borders faced by other physical churches. We are a safe and affirming faith community.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a website-based video game platform that is incredibly popular with kids and teenagers. Everything on Roblox is user-created content which means that all of the games are built and coded by Roblox's players using Roblox's development software. Roblox also allows users to create social groups (much like a Facebook group), design clothing for their avatars, and participate in a virtual economy.


Our church has several virtual meeting spaces, which we built in the development software. We also utilize a social group that acts as the central hub of our church for announcements, information, and prayer discussion.

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