Fully online, fully youth-led online ministry

How can you help?

In December 2011, we started as a group of six friends joining on a game to pray and worship together. And from there our group grew. Later that month we created an official community group called "The Robloxian Christians". Over the next year or so, we built a building and started hosting services on Sundays. 

In case you are wondering, it is a virtual building. People have little characters and walk into the church, have a seat, and are able to type to talk. The church is built like a standard church, with pews, a pulpit with a mic system that projects on various screens throughout the campus. A table that represents the bread and the wine, since we are unable to physically serve it online. 


Help Fund! As our church has expanded over the years, so has the cost of operations. When you donate it helps to keep inviting people in, paying for the best technology at our buildings, giving small "robux currency" stipends to our staff, expanding our platform, and truly bringing in people that are passionate about sharing the love and word of Jesus.

Also this about this, how much would it cost to run a ministry program with all that TRC does, and support over 4,500 young people in a tangible church? Thousands? Tens of Thousands? Our monthly expense is less than 400 dollars a month, isn't that awesome.

Don't have enough money to spare right now? There are other ways to support us! We ask that you pray for us, for our continued efforts to share the word and the love, and that our staff be excited to serve. 

Like what we are doing so much you want to share it? We always appreciate it when you talk about what we are doing on social media. Tell your pastor, your family, your friends, your kids. Get the news out about what is going on online.

What sets us apart?

What is TRC?

Our church is based out of the online gaming platform known as "Roblox". On Roblox, young people create all of the content, users create the millions of games, community groups, virtual-companies, make new friends, take part in the virtual commerce and stock market, etc. It also makes an awesome way to share the message of Christ.


TRC Online Church

What I think is so awesome is that our platform is filled with millions of young people. Our average age is 14 years old. In addition, our church defies so many borders that are almost impossible to cross in a physical tangible church. We represent all 6 inhabited continents, every race, it doesn't matter where you are, who you are, or if you can make it to a building in real life, you are welcome and able to make it here. The message of Jesus is so transformative, that it is amazing how we are able to do this.

In addition, there is an online community that you just don't see in our churches nowadays. Young people being open to talk about what is really going on in their lives, being willing to step up and pray with someone, being totally welcoming to visitors, and feeling like its a safe environment. It is incredible to get to witness youth in an environment that they feel comfortable to truly worship and to really meet the savior.

[Above, is a picture of one of our evening services. The yellow thing cut off, is our cross handing up front. Each little person you see, is someone around the world come to participate in worship.]

Continuing on in our history, over the next two years we continued to grow is numbers, technology and ministry until August 2013. We had settled at over 1,600 people involved in our church. Our ministries were flourishing with a 24/7 prayer team available, an outreach team, and new technology being developed. A technical problem made the physical community group collapse, and all but 16 people were kicked out of the group. 

That sucked. But we got back up on our feet. We said no to the devil, that we would not let whatever he throws at us get in the way of the message we had to share. From there, we quickly moved forward, our ministries sprung back into action. We welcomed new technology, new buildings, the gospel moving through this place like never before. 

And here we are today. Today we have over 10,500 young people involved in our church and ministries. A volunteer staff of over 140 people. They lead in programs from our welcoming team, prayer partners, social media management, place development, our "blessed to be a blessing" mentoring program, coffee and conversation, and "share it" staff teams. All of these programs are actively going on in our church throughout the week.