1) Create a Roblox Account.

2) Join The Robloxian Christians Group.

3) Read about the Group, read the group "shout" or post.

4) Click on the "games" right above where it says "wall".

5) Either click on the blue cross icon, or the green church icon.

6) Click "PLAY" and let the Roblox installer do it's thing.

7) When it is time for a service, click the link in the group "shout", then attend at the church place (the green icon.)

8) Explore Roblox, introduce yourself on the group discussion "wall", check out the catalog tab to buy clothes for your avatar, reflect at the blue icon called "God is Love", or even just pray at the church.


TRC Online Church
Fully online, fully youth-led online ministry

Follow these steps to get started!