Our services are one of the central points of our church. Everything happens in similar order as a tangible church would, except you are online! Our services are type-based though there is worship music, and community to share!

Since 2011, we have ministered to nearly 12,000 young people. Sharing the the good news through virtual services, events, personal relationships, and an online community where people come to know Jesus. The church currently consists of over 10,500 youth, the average age being 14. We are a community where young people feel safe to really share what is on their hearts, and come to know the savior in a way, that isn't possible in a tangible church.
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all funds support our ministry operations, and inviting people in.

Our "God is Love" ministry is a small island,
where people can join and admire the cross,
the table, and the crown of thorns. It is a place
alone to pray, reflect, and come to know God's love.
Who we are?

A Place to Pray

Post it, tweet it, share it. The more people that discover us, the more young people we can reach!

Worship Services

Our Prayer Partner ministry is an around-the-clock team of volunteers available to pray with, support, and help church members and visitors in whatever they need. It is a one on one, personal and intimate relationship, where you will not be judged, a safe place to find God's grace and mercy.

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Bringing the news of Jesus to millions of young people online.

Through the online site, Roblox, we are reaching out to the masses. 

We reach six continents and every US state.

Fully online, fully youth-led online ministry

To attend The Robloxian Christians Online Church or participate in our ministries, all you need is an internet connection and device like a computer, phone, tablet, or Xbox. The church reaches all six inhabited continents, every state in the United States, and when you come to don't have to worry the silent judgement that some people might make in a tangible church. This makes a safe and innovative space for healthy and sick, able bodied and disabled, rich and poor, white and black, all are welcome here. All are invited to come and learn about God, and his love for us, and find a relationship with a savior. 

Prayer Partners

By contacting us, you can find ways to get involved or attend our events. You can also pray for us.
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